March 22, 2017


Specializing in digital marketing means that we have not only a strong grasp on the optimal tried and tested methods for website marketing, but also keep up to date on new and innovative ideas to further increase your sales and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors at all times.  With our various services and methods, you can rest assured that your website will not only gain more visibility, but also optimize your digital presence enough that you attract just the right type of viewers most

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Grow your business with Social Wifi.

How does it work?
Get ‘Liked’ for FREE WiFi
Make your wifi work harder for you. Give your customer access via simple ‘Like’ on Facebook or ‘Tweet’ on Twitter, Instagram, WeChat – no need for them to ask for a code. You can choose to give your customers special offers and coupons when you connect.

Why is it different?
Get Social, It’s Simple.
Social Wifi attracts quality fans – People who have been to your business and get what you do. The best part is you’re not just reaching one fan but all of their like-minded friends, followers and connections – the right people for your business.

What are the Main Benefits?
Does your wifi do the following?
– Turn your customers into fans
– Reach all your customers friends
– Manage your social media from one place
– Reward your top influencers
– Deliver tailored promotions and offers
– Have a full CRM to understand your customer better

What are the costs?
Take your WiFi to the next level!
From $100/month get you a heap of features including:
– A WiFi plug and play router with custom splash page.
– A system for managing all your social media accounts.
– Secure WiFi channels for staff
– Full reporting and customer analytics
– A range of social and email login options
– Full CRM to understand your customer better

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